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Terms and Condition BMT

Terms and Conditions BMT

  • The Guests/ BMT Customers will be called a Rider
  • The BMT personnel who accompany rider during the tour will be called a Host.
  • Rider will be picked up by car from their hotel / villa to the BMT’s head office.
  • Rider must be able to ride a motorbike / clutch bike / sport bike at minimum 2 years experiences
  • Rider must have Driving License class C or an International Driving License class C (for motor bike) RECOMMENDED.
  • Rider must be able to understand the rules and regulation of Indonesian road
  • Rider must join and follow the riding instruction briefing
  • Rider must follow all the host instruction during the tour
  • Rider must understand every hand signs instructed by the host
  • Rider must pass the riding test.
  • If the rider doesn’t pass our riding test, the rider will be given a choice either joining tandem when it’s available without any discount.
  • Max speed on the road is reach 100Km/H
  • Recommended speed on the road tour is 70 Km/H – 80KM/H
  • Riders must follow and be aware of host hand signs, vehicle sign and road/ traffic sign.
  • Rider must not consuming alcohol and drugs before and during riding / tour
  • It’s strictly prohibited to bring and consume illegal drugs during the tour program.
  • No gun and any dangerous goods
  • If in any case we found items mentioned at No. 13 and 14, the BMT Company will report to the law authorities.
  • Rider must not smoking during the ride
  • The Minimum age to ride a motorbike is at least 18 years old.
  • Minimum age for tandem’s ride is 10 years old
  • We don’t recommend any rider to join our tour with a heart condition, health problems like asthma and pregnancy.
  • If the rider with all health problem or pregnancy JOIN THE TOUR/RIDE, any accident happen will be on rider own risk. BMT will not take any charged at any condition.
  • Rider must buckle up the helmet at anytime and condition during the ride for safety
  • Rider must already have a meal before the ride (recommended)
  • Every riders suggested to pray before the tour’s begin.
  • We recommend to rent any motorcycle standard riding gear for better safety protection.
  • For any accident that may happen during the tour is in rider’s personal responsibility
  • NON REFUNABLE payment at any condition
  • Rider cannot cancel the tour once the tour started. This is applied for all packages including sharing, private and/ tandem at any condition.
  • Any problem occurs to the vehicle during the tour, the tour cannot be canceled. BMT will replace the vehicle or the damage parts.
  • Tour payment must be done before the ride / tour started.
  • Every rider must give their passport, and put 3.000.000 IDR cash / with credit card (exclude the tour package payment) deposits before the tour for our guarantee.
  • For any damage to our vehicle caused by a rider will be charged as the compensation of the damage part / unit of the vehicle. And the value will be based on the current market price.
  • Vehicle damages covering damage in side mirror’s, engine, body part, front/rear/sign light, and wheel.
  • The BMT Company including our hosts are not responsible for all accident causing rider’s injury at any conditions
  • Incase of injury, we provide please see “Insurance Coverage Section”
  • Riders must inform us of any food and drug allergic
  • Riders need to inform us their medical or health condition problem.
  • When the vehicle is 80% damage, the rider will be entitled to replace the vehicle in full amount, which is
    • Yamaha R-25: IDR 55.100.000
    • Yamaha MT-25: IDR 47.950.000
    • Kawasaki KLX-250: IDR 60.000.000
    • Yamaha Nmax-150: IDR 24.950.000
    • Kawasaki Z800: IDR 250.000.000
  • -Honda CB500X: IDR 155.000.000
  • -The price of the bike might changes, depend on the current market price for the new bike. The type of the bike might changes depend on bike availability.
  • All of our prices will be subject to 10% government tax. If you pay online from the web, you need to pay the 10% government tax before the tour started.

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