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For motorbike tour lovers, now you can go around or walk on the island of Bali using Honda CB 500 MOGE which is a motorbike design that is suitable for tour activities. For bikers, of course, they already know the advantages of Honda CB 500x. Honda CB 500x is designed specifically for motorbike tour lovers so that they don’t feel tired or sore despite driving for a long time. With a special tour design, the Honda CB 500x also has a light weight so you can become lighter when riding a Honda CB 500x motorbike.

Rent Honda Honda CB500x in Bali

Then where can you find a rental for Honda CB 500 rental in Bali? You do not need to bother anymore because you can contact us directly on the contact number that is available because we are a provider of vehicle rental services for road or holiday island of Bali. In addition to hiring Honda CB 500 CB in Bali you can also rent other types of motorcycles such as cafĂ© recer, Yamaha MT 09, Yamaha MT 25, Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha N Max and there are many other motorbikes that you can rent at our place. Morning motorbike tour lovers who want to tour the island of Bali but not yet familiar with the regional areas on the island of Bali, there is no need to worry because when your tour activities take place, your trip will be accompanied directly by the tour guide who is the local community of the island of Bali so that you are sure to know the area that is on the island of Bali and you don’t have to worry anymore about going wrong or going wrong.

There are many tourist destinations that you can visit as your tour destination such as Amed beach, hot springs, waterfalls, and there are many other places that are ready to welcome you. In addition to motorbikes, you can also rent a car at our place because we also have provided various types of vehicles that are ready to use with various sizes such as cars for 6 people, cars for 15 people, buses for 40 people and there are more bus buses with passenger size even more.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact us now directly in the contact number that is available.

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