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For touring lovers who want to rent a large motorbike on the island of Bali, please come to BMT or Bali motorbike rental because we provide various types of big motorbikes with different brands and you can choose a big motorbike that suits your taste. To rent a big motorbike in our place, you don’t need to worry about the rental rate because we provide the lowest price on the island of Bali to rent a big motorbike.

Large motorbike rental at our place is also equipped with a variety of services that you can set yourself according to your needs such as large motorbike rental for Bali island transportation, large motorbike rental to go on vacation on the island of Bali, large motorbike rental to go around Bali island, rent moge for bali tour and others.

Especially for you lovers of touring, we also provide a motorbike tour package for the island of Bali where you can join in motorbike tour activities with our team and you can also invite your friends to participate in bali motorcycle tour activities so that your tour will be more exciting .

In the Bali motorbike tour, your trip will be accompanied by an experienced bikers who will also guide your trip so that you don’t have to worry about getting lost or choosing the wrong way when going around Bali. In motorbike tour activities, our team will guide you from start to finish and of course will also give you directions before the tour begins, such as safety equipment, an overview of the terrain to be traversed, selection of the right type of motorbike, and so on.

The purpose of the motorcycle tour, you can set yourself and please discuss with us before your trip begins, you can discuss directly to our office at BMT or Bali motorbike rental located on Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361 or through the contact numbers we have provided but if you are still unfamiliar or not yet familiar with Bali’s tourist attractions, maybe some of the following locations can help you to find your tour destination like

Kuta beach
The name of the beach of Kuta must have been very famous because most of the tourists who have come to Bali visited Kuta Beach and Kuta Beach is also usually used as a location for shooting Indonesian drama films. On Kuta Beach you can surf and enjoy the facilities available in Kuta Beach area such as shopping centers, restaurants, massages, making tao and so on.

Kintamani’s Hot Spring
Kintamani hot spring is ready to await those of you who want to pamper yourself during a vacation on the island of Bali. The advantage of the Kintamani hot spring is that the interior of the bathing area is made using natural materials so as to produce a natural feel of nature and plus when you soak in the bathing pool, you will see a direct view of the lush green mountains right in front of you .

Amed snorkeling
Enjoying the beauty of the underwater certainly gives a different impression for lovers of snorkeling or diving. If you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, you must visit Amed Beach.
And there are many more other locations that you can make the purpose of your motorcycle tour. For more detailed information, please contact us directly at the contact number that has been available.

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