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Need a motorcycle rental service on the island of Bali? Please meet us at BMT or Bali Motor Rental which provides cheap motorbike rental services in Bali. No need to go around looking for another Bali motorbike rental because only we will provide the lowest prices on the island of Bali with the best facilities.

We have provided various types of motorized vehicles ranging from motor sports, touring motorcycles, classic motorbikes, big motorbikes and so on so that you can find a vehicle that suits your taste for you to use during your vacation on the island of Bali. Using the services of BMT will certainly make you feel satisfied because you can take advantage of a variety of services to facilitate your trip while on the island of Bali such as motorbike airport transportation, motorbike transportation port harbor, motorbike rental for Bali tourism, motorbike rental for work needs, motorbike rental between pick up and so on.

But specifically for those of you who want to rent a motorbike for a vacation, we offer Bali island tour packages where the motorbike rental is complete with vacation vouchers so you can enjoy the rides or facilities available at the tourist attractions on the island of Bali without having to bother anymore to rent or buy the ticket, the price will be much more expensive with the tour packages that we provide because the price we provide is the price of the results of our negotiations with tour companies in the island of Bali.

Cafe Racer Bike

There are various kinds of tour packages that we provide with different tourist destinations such as

Tanjung Benoa Beach Vacation Packages
Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the tourist beaches on the island of Bali which is famous for having the most complete vehicle such as banana boot, flying fish, paraceling adventure, and so on, which you can enjoy the excitement of visiting Tanjung Benoa Beach. To enjoy these rides, you can first inform us about the types of rides you want to play on Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Kuta beach vacation packages
Kuta beach is one of the tourist attractions on the island of Bali whose name is famous to the whole world. The name of Kuta beach is famous for its beautiful beach views which are equipped with various facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. which are open 24 hours so it is perfect for those of you who like the nightlife. One of the activities that you can do at Kuta Beach is sunbathing and surfing or enjoying the services at Kuta Beach such as massage services, tattooing services, hair centipede services and so forth.

Wake ATV vacation package
For you lovers of off road, on the island of Bali now comes a wake ATV that is ready to pamper your ardenalin, by driving a quad bike, you will be invited to tour the island of Bali through the terrain filled with obstacles such as mud, rocks, uphill and so forth. If one of the lovers of adventure or off road, the wake atv package awaits you.
Apart from that, of course we still have other tour packages that are certainly no less exciting and interesting, which of course are guaranteed low prices. For further information, please contact us at the contact number provided.

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