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The beauty of Balinese tourism is undoubtedly seen from the number of visitors who holidays on the island of bali every day. There are so many sights you can visit at the moment such as beaches, rivers, mountains, rural, museums, zoos, plantations and so forth. The number of tourist attractions on the island of Bali can certainly be
allowing you to enjoy your vacation in your favorite places or your spouse. Vacation on the island of Bali is a very appropriate choice because in addition to having many tourist attractions, island of Bali also has many facilities that you can enjoy during a vacation on the island of Bali such as hotels, villas, restaurants, bars, spas and many other facilities already available at Bali Island.

To facilitate your trip on the island of Bali, we offer transportation services at a price
which is cheap, ranging from airport transportation services, lodging to tourist attractions that you want to visit on the island of bali. For transportation services on the island of Bali, we have provided various sorts of ready-to-use vehicles such as cars, buses and motorcycles. For each type rental the vehicle you want to use, please confirm to us before your travel time starts because despite the number of vehicle units we provide at rental, demand or service users always more than the availability of vehicle units thus causing our vehicles used up vehicles, especially in the days of national holidays such as the new year, Lebaran and so forth so if you have a plan going on holiday to
bali then please booking your vehicle before running out.

For booking your car rental, you also can book complete with holiday package
tours for cheaper prices and you also do not have to be bothered anymore to buy tickets or holiday vouchers because you can purchase vouchers from us in a better deal and you can already enjoy the whole holiday package from us. For vouchers, we provide vouchers to any tourist attractions in Bali, ranging from popular places such as kuta, canggu, Tanjung Benoa and also the place of tourist attractions in the north bali or eastern bali located in rural areas.

Cheap Motor Rental In Bali

Rural tourism places in the island of Bali has now started many visited by many tourists both from home and abroad because of the air and the scenery available more attractive and fascinating which added with natural nuances that are still natural then it would be a pity if you do not try to visit hidden tourist attractions on the island of Bali.

An easy and fun way to reach a hidden tourist spot on our bali island we offer motorcycle tour package with low price at best service for holiday in Bali Island. Why motorbike tour package is highly recommended? Because by using motor vehicle for your holidays, you can enjoy air and excitement along the way while travelling on vehicle like a car or bus most of the passengers or visitors will fall asleep along the way. Most of passenger travelling on cars and busses will miss the excitement and beautiness along the way.

Before the activity started we always provide a safety briefing to ensure our customers safety being our number one priority. We also brief the road condition that will be passed along the way and another important part we will do a bike trial to ensure our customers are comfortable with the motorbike they are going to ride and safety equipment such as helmet, hand glove and jacket and raincoat are also provided. To improve our service, the type of motor that will be used we will adjust to the terrain or road that will be passed to reach the location.

For those of you who are not familiar with roads or travel routes do not have to worry because we provide a professional bikers as your guide who definitely know the area of the island of Bali. For your favoured destination you can do a custom tour or choose our available tour destination balimototour.com  We provide destinations such as Amed, Kintamani Hot Spring, Secret Garden, and Secret Beach of Padangbai.

1. Amed Beach
Amed beach is located in the village Purwakerti, District Abang, Kab. Karangasem. They are famous for its clear, calm and black sandy waters that have many beautiful and guarded coral. The number of coral reefs in amed attracted many marine ornamental fish to stay on the sidelines of the reef. So do not be surprised when you are snorkeling on the beach, you will be greeted by many ornamental fish who reside on the sidelines of the reef.

2. Pantai padang bai
Padang bai is not only famous for its harbor but in padang bai also keeps one of the hidden tourist object that is called secret beach. The secret beach is famous for its clean and soft white beach texture suitable for sunbathing or relaxing while enjoying the beautiful beach with coconut ice that is widely available by the beach.

Not only the beauty of coastal beaches are available on the beach, yet the beauty of its reef ready to please your holiday and give you a special pleasure when you snorkel. Around the area are also attracted many fisherman. So fishing will be one activity that can be done in the secret beach.

3. Hot spring bath
One way to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of kintamani area especially mount batur and batur lake is by taking a natural hot spring bath that are available on the area. The hot spring bath located along side of batur lake. Your eyes will be entertained by the beauty of the lake surrounded by the beauty of mount batur. The air is super fresh and chill. It’s a perfect way to relaxing your body, mind and soul.

When you visit the hot spring pool you can see all the design element is made of natural resources like stone and wood. It make it feel natural when you take a bath. Some bath places will provide a nice massage or spa. You can enjoy it with the view of the lake and mountain.

4. Aling-Aling Waterfall
Bali has so many beautiful waterfalls. One of it will be aling-aling waterfall. Aling-aling waterfall offer its natural beauty and completed with a clear water and as it surrounded by a green valley the air on the area are super fresh. To visit aling-aling waterfall you need to make some hikes and through forest.

Aling-aling waterfall located in secret garden. Beside its natural beauty, aling-aling waterfall over various activities on the area such as cliff jumping and cliff slide. This area is perfect for those who love extreme adventure. It offer various height of cliff jumping started from 2 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters. Also, with the cliff slide, available from 2 meters and 12 meters.

For more information please contact us directly at the contact number that has been available.

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