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Bali kawasaki klx rental Badung Bali district provides various types of trail bikes which certainly will be suitable for those of you who have a hobby of exploring the forest or mountains by using a dirt bike.

If you are currently visiting the island of Bali you should try the offroad route in Bali because the offroad Bali field can make ardenalin you race faster so that it will be difficult for you to forget. If you are interested in trying the field on the island of Bali but do not have a vehicle, then you do not have to worry because you can use the best vehicle rental services and are ready to accompany or guide you to conquer the offroad bali field.

For offroad lovers, of course this is not a problem because the more difficult the terrain to conquer, the more exciting it will feel. For the type of vehicle you want to use, you can determine for yourself the type of vehicle you want to use because in our rental there are lots of off-road vehicles and in our rental we do not only provide types of off-road vehicles because there are many other types of vehicles such as private cars that can you use to get around the island of Bali to the place you want.


By using the Pink Gorilaz rental service you can choose how the system you want to use, such as rent a car or vehicle with a shuttle system from the airport to the tourist attractions, with this shuttle system you can decide yourself to be picked up where and where to go. Apart from the shuttle vehicle rental system we also provide a tour system with various choices that you can enjoy during your vacation like,

Tourist bus rental complete with low-cost driver + BBM who are ready to take you around Bali Island and get to know Bali Island more along with our professional tour guides. You can also enjoy the tourist equipment that we have provided such as diving equipment so that those of you who are diving hobbies can use the facilities we have provided for you. In addition to diving equipment we also equip it with Surfing equipment so you can also conquer the waves of Bali’s tourist beaches.
Not only marine game facilities, Pink Gorilaz also provides Rafting equipment that you must try because by conquering the swift river water in Bali you will feel the sensation of excitement and cohesiveness when conquering a very heavy river current.

In addition to Diving, Surfing and rafting there are many other facilities that you can find only in Pink Gorilaz and Pink Gorilaz is ready to serve you for 24 hours because now we have been open for 24 hours so you can use our services whenever you want.

In Pink Gorilaz we also serve those of you who want to ask questions about the facilities that we have provided so you don’t have to hesitate to ask us questions. Contact us now and enjoy the best service with the most complete facilities only on the island of Bali.

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