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Beside Amed Beach, Secret beach, Hot spring and Aling-aling. There are a lot of hidden places that can be explored that you should visit while you are in Bali. scooter hire bali So, what are you waiting for. Let's join our motorbike program and enjoy the other side of Bali.

Enjoy Bali with Bali Motorbike Tour Activities

22 March 2020 468x Motorbike

For touring lovers who want to rent a large motorbike on the island of Bali, please come to BMT or Bali motorbike rental because we provide various types of big motorbikes with different brands and you can choose a big... read more

Take a Walk With a Motorbike in Bali

19 March 2020 361x Motorbike

Bali is an island that is really beautiful to explore it really needs a vehicle that is very good because of the size that is quite large in addition to other vehicles that also crowded the island, one solution is... read more

Enjoy The Natural Beauty of The Island of Bali

17 March 2020 323x Motorbike

Bali provides a variety of beautiful natural beauty charms that have a strong enough appeal that makes the visitors in the land of the island of Bali never feel bored to enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Bali.... read more

Bali Klx Kawasaki Rental Badung Regency Bali

Rent a Motorbike in bali legian area

14 March 2020 230x Motorbike

Legian bali is one of the areas on the bali island which is pretty much liked by tourists who come on holiday to the bali island because legian bali has quite a number of interesting and beautiful tourist attractions visited... read more

Bali Klx Kawasaki Rental Badung Regency Bali

Prices For Motorcycle Rental in Kuta Bali

9 March 2020 256x Uncategorized

I was on holiday in Kuta Bali and needed a motorbike rental service, but I was afraid that motorbike rental prices in Kuta were expensive. Just come directly to our Bali Motorbike Rental or RMB because I provide various types... read more

Cheap Motorbike Rentals in Bali Denpasar City

Rent a Half Day Motorcycle in Bali

6 March 2020 203x Tours

Need daily motorbike rental services? Please just come directly to our Bali Motorbike Rental (RMB). We have provided various kinds of motorized vehicles that are ready to be rented with guaranteed quality. Using our rental services will also certainly help... read more

Cafe Racer Bike

The Best Motorbike Rental For A Vacation in Bali

1 March 2020 260x Uncategorized

For those of you who need motorcycle rental services on the island of Bali at a low price then you can come directly to our place at BMT. Cheap motorbike rental on the island of Bali with the best quality... read more

Rent Honda Honda CB500x in Bali

Motorcycle Rental Services on The Island of Bali

24 February 2020 224x Uncategorized

The most complete motorbike rental place with motorbikes that is prepared and maintained can certainly be found at our rental located in Denpasar Bali. For those of you who come to the island of Bali and need a means of... read more


Need Motorcycle Rental Services in Kuta Bali

15 February 2020 220x Uncategorized

Need a motorcycle rental service in Kuta Bali? Go to Bali Motorcycle Rentals. at BMT we provide various types of motorized vehicles that are ready to be rented at affordable prices and quality motorbike rental in Kuta Bali. Rent a... read more

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