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Terms and Conditions
  • The Guests/ BMT Customers will be called a Rider
  • The BMT personnel who accompany rider during the tour will be called a Host.
  • Rider will be picked up by car from their hotel / villa to the BMT’s head office.
  • Rider must be able to ride a motorbike / clutch bike / sport bike at minimum 2 years experiences
  • Rider must have Driving License class C or an International Driving License class C (for motor bike) RECOMMENDED.
  • Rider must be able to understand the rules and regulation of Indonesian road
  • Rider must join and follow the riding instruction briefing
  • Rider must follow all the host instruction during the tour
  • Rider must understand every hand signs instructed by the host
  • Rider must pass the riding test.
  • If the rider doesn’t pass our riding test, the rider will be given a choice either joining tandem when it’s available without any discount.
  • Max speed on the road is reach 100Km/H
  • Recommended speed on the road tour is 70 Km/H – 80KM/H
  • Riders must follow and be aware of host hand signs, vehicle sign and road/ traffic sign.
  • Rider must not consuming alcohol and drugs before and during riding / tour
  • It’s strictly prohibited to bring and consume illegal drugs during the tour program.
  • No gun and any dangerous goods
  • If in any case we found items mentioned at No. 13 and 14, the BMT Company will report to the law authorities.
  • Rider must not smoking during the ride
  • The Minimum age to ride a motorbike is at least 18 years old.
  • Minimum age for tandem’s ride is 10 years old
  • We don’t recommend any rider to join our tour with a heart condition, health problems like asthma and pregnancy.
  • If the rider with all health problem or pregnancy JOIN THE TOUR/RIDE, any accident happen will be on rider own risk. BMT will not take any charged at any condition.
  • Rider must buckle up the helmet at anytime and condition during the ride for safety
  • Rider must already have a meal before the ride (recommended)
  • Every riders suggested to pray before the tour’s begin.
  • We recommend to rent any motorcycle standard riding gear for better safety protection.
  • For any accident that may happen during the tour is in rider’s personal responsibility
  • NON REFUNABLE payment at any condition
  • Rider cannot cancel the tour once the tour started. This is applied for all packages including sharing, private and/ tandem at any condition.
  • Any problem occurs to the vehicle during the tour, the tour cannot be canceled. BMT will replace the vehicle or the damage parts.
  • Tour payment must be done before the ride / tour started.
  • Every rider must give their passport, and put 3.000.000 IDR cash / with credit card (exclude the tour package payment) deposits before the tour for our guarantee.
  • For any damage to our vehicle caused by a rider will be charged as the compensation of the damage part / unit of the vehicle. And the value will be based on the current market price.
  • Vehicle damages covering damage in side mirror’s, engine, body part, front/rear/sign light, and wheel.
  • The BMT Company including our hosts are not responsible for all accident causing rider’s injury at any conditions
  • Incase of injury, we provide please see “Insurance Coverage Section”
  • Riders must inform us of any food and drug allergic
  • Riders need to inform us their medical or health condition problem.
  • When the vehicle is 80% damage, the rider will be entitled to replace the vehicle in full amount, which is
    • – Yamaha R-25: IDR 55.100.000
    • – Yamaha MT-25: IDR 47.950.000
    • – Kawasaki KLX-250: IDR 60.000.000
    • – Yamaha Nmax-150: IDR 24.950.000
    • – Kawasaki Z800: IDR 250.000.000
    • -Honda CB500X: IDR 155.000.000
    • -The price of the bike might changes, depend on the current market price for the new bike. The type of the bike might changes depend on bike availability.
  • All of our prices will be subject to 10% government tax. If you pay online from the web, you need to pay the 10% government tax before the tour started.
Insurance Coverage
  • Traffic road accident
  • Accident that happen while visiting/ doing an activity on the destination trip (exception for all in Water Activity, it doesn’t covered by our insurance)
  • Poisoned by accidentally breath a toxic gas.
    ATTENTION: (Our insurance DOES NOT cover you when you do take a Dope without your personal doctor recipe, Narcotic or any Illegal Drugs on a purpose that you are already know the consequences. These are all your full responsibility).
Insurance Doesn’t Cover
  • When you are on a trip with another company or you’re doing tour on yourself
  • When you do violating any federal constitution law
  • Purposely doing any kind of crime act.
  • When you are in a fight or doing martial art sport or any extreme sport such (Rugby, Hockey, Climbing mountain, Ice skating and any sport that contain a physical contact), Entering and exploring a cave or in to a deep earth crack. Or if you do any air or water sport or sailing with yourself.
  • Medication that contains an HIV
  • Motorbike and any Equipment used from our company
Rider Obligations
  • Rider have to keep the riding equipment in a good condition. In case of losing or damaging any riding equipment, there will be an compensation cost charged to the rider, please refer to “Charges For Damaged Items Section”
  • The rider must inform us before the tour started if they found the damage to the vehicle or any riding equipment used.
Charges For Damaged Items
  • Helmet – IDR 1.000K
  • Gloves – IDR 200K
  • Jacket – IDR 500K
  • Rain coat – IDR 100K
  • First aid – IDR 150K
  • Action camera – IDR 1.500K – 6.000k
  • Optional riding gear – Start from IDR 1.000K (Each)
  • Motorbike key – IDR 150K
Questions and Answers

Q1. What should I bring with me for the trip?
A : You have to bring passport, backpack, extra cash, extra cloths, swimming wear, action camera, driving license and anything you need like your own medicine etc.

Q2. How is the traffic in every destination?
A : we don’t take main streets to get to the destination so it is low to medium traffic

Q3. I’m traveling alone, is it possible to join?
A : We have no limit quota to join our tour

Q4. How long do we ride each day?
A : Between 8 to 12 hour/ trip, depends on which tour packages you’re in

Q5. Do I need to do deposit before the tour begin and if so how much?
A : Yes, you do, it’s IDR 3.000.000 or you can provide your original passport as our guarantee

Q6. How do we book?
A : To book, we need to receive full amount payment. Payment will be made through paypal.

Q7. When is the best time for riding a motorbike in Bali?
A : Based on our experience, the best time for riding is in the morning (7.00am).

Q8. Where is the best riding trip?
A : Every destination that we offer is the best. You must try every single destination that we suggest.

Q9. I am very interested in riding motorbike trips in Bali but I don’t have experience of riding a motorbike.
A : Don’t worry about it, we can over you tandem package. You can ride with our host.

Q10. Do I need to have an international driving license to drive a motorbike in Bali?
A : Yes you do

Q11. Can I bring my own motorcycle with me and joining the tour, if so, is the price will be different?

A : You can but we don’t recommend it. Because our bike is around 250cc. It means your bike must be equally have the same horse power to match our speed on the road. The package price is remain the same either you ride our motorbikes or your own bike.

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