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Secret Beach Bali Tour

Secret Beach

29 September 2015 100x Tours

Padang Bai Secret Beach, has white sands with a creamy texture with a bluish-colored clear water, flanked by two rocks. Also called Bias Tugel meaning sand truncated, because nestled by two huge rocks. The most interesting thing is, there is... read more

Yamaha Nmax

Yamaha NMax 150

25 September 2015 92x Motorbike

One of the best 2015 Matic Bike, with a 150cc powerful engine, comfortable and tough when you drive for a far traveling, passing sharp turns, steep climbs and rocky road. Very comfortable riding position due to the span of the... read more


25 September 2015 110x Tours

Amed is a village located in the eastern region of the Bali island. The village has a beautiful beach and is renowned for his underwater excursions. Amed Beach has black colored sands, but the color looks beautiful when it’s swept... read more

Batur Tour

Hot Spring Tour

25 September 2015 80x Tours

Enjoy the beautiful region of Kintamani, specifically the area of the Lake and mount Batur, could be an option to release tired of daily routine Cool air will complete the more typical Kintamani enjoyed with a visit to the thermal... read more

Night Ride

25 September 2015 79x Tours

For you who love to ride after the sunset, then you can choose to go to PadangBai hidden beach to spend your noon until night here. There is a restaurant and spa resort. The place is so cozy and the... read more

Secret Garden Bali

Secret Garden

22 September 2015 111x Tours

Bali has always had many waterfalls which became tourists attraction and interesting to visit. One of them is the Secret Garden Waterfall, or also commonly referred as Aling-Aling Waterfall. This waterfall is one of the places that so good for... read more

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